Brühl-Denkmal im Tal (Copyright Steffi Hantsche)
Brühl-Denkmal im Tal (Copyright Steffi Hantsche)

The only monument to Brühl in Saxony can be found in Seifersdorf, north-east of Dresden. Tina von Brühl dedicated it to her father-in-law, whom she never met, in 1782. Seifersdorf and the Seifersdorf valley remained in the hands of the von Brühl family until 1945.

In Dresden, however, there has never been a Brühl monument, which is connected with the fact that the prime minister was held responsible for Saxony's defeat in the Seven Years' War. To this day, only Brühl’s Terrace bears his name, but there is no explanation for the name on site. In order to remedy this situation, the Förderverein Seifersdorfer Schloss e. V. (“Friends of Seifersdorf Palace Assocation”) developed the idea of commemorating Count Heinrich von Brühl with both a memorial plaque on Brühl’s Terrace, and a website referring to places with a Brühl connection in Saxony, including Seifersdorf.

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