Putzkau Estate (photo: Matthias Donath)
Putzkau Estate (photo: Matthias Donath)

Only one day after the purchase of the Gaussig manor, Count Heinrich von Brühl acquired the Putzkau manor southeast of Bischofswerda in 1747 for 60,000 Taler. When it was handed over, the Neuhof was in a poor state. Apparently Brühl succeeded in getting the farm running again.

In 1751 he sold Putzkau for 104,000 thalers, a rich profit. to Andreas von Riaucour, an envoy of the Electorate of Saxony from Warsaw, who also bought Gaussig. The renaissance and baroque-era grounds that Brühl purchased have not been preserved. The existing parts of the estate, including the manor house built around 1800, are more recent.

Today: The manor house is used as a clubhouse.

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