Rahnisdorf Manor (photo: Camillo Freiherr von Palombini)
Rahnisdorf Manor (photo: Camillo Freiherr von Palombini)

After Heinrich von Brühl had acquired the estate of Grochwitz in 1731, he also bought neighbouring Rahnisdorf manor in 1734. Since then, both estates have formed a joint business. Only the palace in Grochwitz was inhabited. After the devastation by Prussian soldiers in 1758, Count Heinrich von Brühl sold the estates to Adolph Christian Wendler in 1761. In 1821, both estates passed to the von Palombini family.

While Grochwitz had to be sold in 1938, Rahnisdorf remained in the family. Kraft Freiherr von Palombini was arrested and dispossessed by the Nazi state for hiding the former mayor of Leipzig, Carl Goerdeler, a co-conspirator of the 20th July 1944, in Rahnisdorf. In 1997, the von Palombini family regained the property. The manor house was built around 1860. It is not known what the preceding building from the time of Count Brühl looked like.

Today: Rahnisdorf manor house is the headquarters of an agricultural and forestry business and cannot be visited.

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