Gaussig Palace (Photo: Matthias Donath)
Gaussig Palace (Photo: Matthias Donath)

In 1747, Count Heinrich von Brühl bought the Upper Lusatian manors of Gaussig and Diehmen from the heirs of the von Neitschütz family. He also took over the stately baroque castle in Gaussig, built around 1700. In 1750 he sold the estate to Count Hermann Carl von Keyserlingk (1696-1764), then Russian envoy to the Prussian court in Berlin. In 1766 Gaussig passed to Peter von Riaucour. His son Andreas amassed extensive property, which remained in the possession of his descendants, the Counts of Schall-Riaucour, until 1945. After the Land Reform, the palace served as a recreation centre for the TU Dresden.

Today: Gaussig palace is used as a hotel. The palace park is open to visitors at weekends.

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